Thermal Imaging Survey

A thermal imaging survey (or a thermographic survey) of building fabric identifies where air leaks in or out of buildings and shows thermal insulation defects.

The thermal image, which his effectively a picture of thousands of surface temperature measurements, makes it easy to see where insulation is missing or air is leaking in or out of a building or after fabric failures such as thermal bridges and damp penetration.

The main benefits of a thermographic survey are:

  • Quick, non-disruptive inspection
  • Results easily shown in pictures
  • Show compliance with specification
  • Resolve issues with sub-contractors as to where faults are
  • Can be used to show the effectiveness of heating and cooling installation

Building Completion Testing Services Ltd thermographic division can conduct thermal imaging surveys for clients who have identified that their heating costs have substantially increased or who have a particular concern about a specific room, extension or whole house.

We will carry out a survey on your building to produce a report which will clearly identify heat loss or energy wastage. Thermographic surveys will normally be carried out during the winter months and it is important that the building is heated for several hours prior to our visit.

We will photograph your property with our thermal imaging cameras from various angles. This allows us to analyse the various areas of heat loss to feed into our end report for you. The survey will take about 30-60 minutes. A clear report identifying areas of concern and providing advice on how to improve these areas of heat loss will be provided within 48 hours of the completion of the survey.