Building Completion Testing Services Ltd offer both Residential and Commercial EPC’s at competitive prices.

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Calculations
Since 2006 Building Regulations in the UK require SAP calculations on all new builds. SAP calculations are used to assess the efficiency of your new build and to assist your designer to ensure the heat loss of the building does not exceed target values.

Within the SAP calculations the ‘Design Air Permeability’ is stated for each individual property. It is this figure that allows us to determine whether a property has passed its air tightness test or not

Our accredited SAP assessors will require accurate drawings and specifications to produce your calculations. Our assessor can then offer advice during the design stage on different methodologies to ensure the building is both energy and cost efficient.

Once the SAP rating has been decided, this in turn informs the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which must be provided to sell or rent the building.