Air Tightness Testing is a requirement of Part L1A & L2A of the Building Regulations for newly built Domestic and Commercial Buildings. The Building Regulations details a maximum permitted threshold for the air pressure test of 10 m3.h/m2.

Air Tightness testing is a process in which the building envelope is tested to quantify the air tightness. The test measures air leakage rates through a building envelope under controlled pressurisation and depressurisation. During the testing if there are any issues preventing the building from reaching the desired Air Permeability our experienced staff work with you to track, identify and resolve the problems. Once we are happy the building has passed we will process our findings and issue you with your official ATTMA lodges Air Test Certificate within 24 hours.

Building Completion Testing Services technicians are accredited by The Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA) and are authorised to undertake air pressure testing on new buildings in accordance with ATTMA TSL1 Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes (Dwellings) and ATTMA TSL2 Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes (Non-Dwellings).